The Paris of Pompidou and Suzette

Pompidou and Suzette are the main characters of my book, The King and the Calico…in Paris.  Pompidou is a pampered Siamese housecat who dreams of the Paris beyond his windows.  Suzette is a calico stray who lives around the Eiffel Tower.

Pompidou’s apartment/prison is near the Trocadéro which is one of my favorite places in Paris.  The Trocadéro has an awesome view of the Eiffel Tower, houses a theater, the Musée de l’Homme (the Museum of Natural History), and it has gorgeous fountains.  I love fountains.  (Photo courtesy of

Since Pompidou thinks of himself as royalty, he makes Suzette take him to the Arc de Triomphe, a battle memorial to Napoleon.  The Arc de Triomphe sits in the middle of l’Etoile, the star, a roundabout fed into by 6 or so streets.  It sits at the top of the Champs-Elysées, perhaps one of Paris’s most famous streets.  I had a friend who worked for a big accounting firm on the Champs-Elysées and we would meet for lunch and go to Quick Time, a McDonald’s wannabe (hey, don’t judge.  It was quick and relatively cheap for the location and it was her choice).  (Photo courtesy of

Suzette meets Pompidou one day at Notre Dame, the famous cathedral on the Ile de la Cité.  Ile de la Cité is a tiny island in the middle of the Seine River that separates the chic Right Bank from the bohemian Left Bank.  While the façade is of course impressive, I love to wander behind Notre Dame, to the Ile St.-Louis, to view Notre Dame from behind.  (Photo courtesy of

The first time Pompidou spends the night away from his apartment/prison, he goes to Montmartre with Suzette.  I loved the view of Paris from the Sacre Coeur Basilica, the whole city spread out below, the taller monuments dotting the landscape.  I brought my grandmother there on her dream trip and she got a kick out of watching kids ride the carousel below the Basilica (she had a thing for carousels). One day my friends and I wandered around the Place du Tertre and watched the artists at work.  (Photo courtesy of

I hope you enjoyed the tour of some of my favorite sites in Paris. Do you have any favorite Parisian sites?

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10 Responses to The Paris of Pompidou and Suzette

  1. tanya reimer says:

    How inspiring. I love the idea of adding this culture into your stories. It’s genius.

  2. lbdiamond says:

    Wow, these are great sites! I really love Notre Dame…and The Louvre.

  3. My husband and I had the good fortune to go to Paris twice, and I loved ALL of it. But I suppose The Musée d’Orsay and the Rodin Museum win hands down (we both love the Impressionists), and I loved a trip to the Jardin des Plantes — a visit to confirm some details for a story I was writing. Love the idea of a cat story in Paris!

  4. I loved Paris, and I think you’ve covered all the site that were at the top of my list. It’s such a beautiful city; far more so than I had anticipated. 🙂

  5. The Musee Rodin is one of my favorite sites, especially in the Spring when the roses are in bloom. Can Pompidou and Suzette sneak in and have a philosophical discussion underneath the statue of The Thinker?

  6. Catherine Johnson says:

    I love Paris too and I have to agree the Rodin Museum is one of the best places to visit. I also love fountains, how funny! I once got hit by a tramp while waiting for a friend at the fountain at St. Michel. I was wearing bright orange pants at the time though, I don’t blame him. Thanks for the memories 🙂

    • Catherine: So a tramp just walked up to you and hit you? I hope he didn’t hurt you. I can’t say I’ve had that experience, anywhere in the world.
      Thanks to everyone for stopping by!

      • Catherine Johnson says:

        Just got a sty under my eye, the most shocking thing was that nobody asked if I was okay. There was this couple who walked passed and the guy saw and just ooed but kept on walking. Maybe it would have been different had I fallen to the floor dramatically or something 🙂

      • So weird. What a story. You’ll have to write about it some day!

  7. Catherine Johnson says:

    My sister tells me to write about myself rather than make stories up lol.

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