A taster of Paris

Today I am handing the blog over to Catherine M. Johnson, a writer of children’s stories in prose and in rhyme. Today on her blog she is reviewing The King and the Calico…in Paris. I hope you will stop by and visit her when you’ve finished here. She is sweet and insightful and worth the visit!

Hi there, I’m guest posting for Brooke today to give you a little taster of Paris.
I’m sure you will have seen some if not all of these images before, but you will savour Brooke’s tales from Paris that much more with a little Paris eye candy (not that sort sorry!)

First up the Eiffel Tower. The first landmark you think of when you think of Paris or France for that matter. Doesn’t it look amazing in this light? The perfect setting for a couple of cats to prance around.

The Notre Dame cathedral is not only a magnificent building, but the surrounding area is beautiful to walk around. The art for sale by the water and the cafes are so Paris. And I love watching all the bateaux mouches go up and down the Seine.

How romantic does this look in black and white. I can picture the cats splashing in the water and then scampering off.

I wish I could end this post with free tickets for all to Paris (one day, one day) but you could always soak up a bit more of Paris with The King and the Calico…in Paris!

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4 Responses to A taster of Paris

  1. Catherine Johnson says:

    Thank you so much for having me on your blog Brooke. Now I’m definitely dreaming of faraway places 🙂

  2. Tanya Reimer says:

    oh this is great! Love the photos. They really give us a great sense of the story!

  3. Lydia K says:

    I wish we could just hop on over for the little bits of Parisian experience…great post! Makes me want to travel…

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