Twas the Night before Chanukah

Here’s my seat-of-the-pants entry to Susanna Leonard Hill’s Holiday Contest. Check out her blog for the other entries. She will list semi-finalists on her blog on Monday, December 26th, for readers to vote on a winner. Enjoy!

Twas the Night Before Chanukah
And all through the night
There was much wrapping and grating
And finding the light.

Gifts for the much-loved children,
Each labeled by day,
For there must be eight piles or
The piper to pay.

Potatoes for crisp latkes
And onions and meal,
Shredded and grated and
The rest of the spiel.

Many candles are needed
In the menorah,
Lighting the house, guarded by
A mezzuzah.

A miracle happened there
So long ago
And now we remember and
Set houses aglow.

We play dreidel and trade gelt,
Always remember,
And delight in our families
Every December.

So, light the Chanukah candles,
Eat all the fried foods,
Celebrate the oil lasting,
And keep a light mood.

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5 Responses to Twas the Night before Chanukah

  1. What a great poem and a lovely sentiment! I am not as familiar with Jewish traditions, so it was nice to hear them woven so warmly into your story. Thanks so much for joining the fun and sharing this special entry!

  2. I’m not familiar with Chanukah either, so it’s great to learn more (and in such a fun way).

  3. Thanks, Susanna and Stacy! My meter isn’t perfect, but I wanted to share a little of my family’s holiday through the contest. It was fun, so thanks for the opportunity, Susanna. (And last night really was the night before the first night of Chanukah.)

  4. tanya reimer says:

    This was fun to read! Enjoy the time with your family, Brooke!

  5. Hi, Brooke. Just wanted to stop by and say hi! I was so happy to see that you entered Susanna Hill’s contest. I had started going through the entries, but I never made it to the end! I enjoyed reading your poem and hope you had a wonderful Chanukah!

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